How To Make Money While You're Still In College

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How To Make Money While You're Still In College

Here are some great options for new and returning college students to make money while still pursuing their degree. These are simple side jobs with flexible hours that are well worth the effort you put in. After all, you must study as well.

Going to college means stepping into a whole new world of freedom, which can be both exciting and terrifying. With this newfound adulthood comes a slew of additional bills, so understanding how to make money while in college (while maintaining your course load) might be beneficial.

College students do not yet have a job, and finding money can be challenging. However, they must make important financial decisions in the midst of all of this—difficult it’s to imagine anything more expensive than college tuition!

You might find yourself budgeting for the first time or (hopefully not) racking up credit card debt in an attempt to pay off your student loan debt. If it isn’t obvious now, the dilemma for students is how to make money while in college while still finding a job that is flexible enough to allow you to attend classes.

This is true even for students who have been out from school for a long time. Whether you’ve abandoned a career path or are just starting to consider your options, the basic truth is that college is expensive and time-consuming.

Here are some great options for new and returning college students to make money while still pursuing their degree. These are simple side jobs with flexible hours that are well worth the effort you put in. After all, you must study as well.

Making Money While Attending College

In some ways, figuring out how to make money in college is more difficult than doing any part-time job. College timetables are significantly more difficult to accommodate than those of another full-time or part-time career.

This is because classes can take place at unusual hours of the day, causing your availability to be unpredictable. That’s not even taking into account labs, study groups, and extra lectures! When you aren’t absorbed in academics, the smallest distance between you and your money is essential. It’s more vital than ever to be able to work whenever you want and set your own hours.

You are at the mercy of the scheduler if you take any part-time employment, and you may not have steady income from week to week. Because you don’t make money during class, you need a constant and reliable source of revenue.

Remember that in this season, time is a valuable commodity. To support your college lifestyle, you’ll need actual money.

What is the goal? Make time to learn, have fun, and earn money all at once. Plus, you’ll have some real-world experience to add to your CV! It may seem impossible, but because to the internet and the gig economy, it is now more than ever conceivable!

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Become a Mover

Owning a vehicle might be inconvenient for college students because it means you’re the one who everyone turns to for assistance when they need to relocate. It can, however, be a satisfying method to make yourself valuable while also broadening your social contacts.

It’s also a good option to supplement your income by launching your own freelance moving company. You may put your rig to good use and earn money by assisting customers with moving their items or simply hauling goods away if you have the correct kind of equipment.

You may make money hauling people’s trash and then double-dip by rescuing nice goods for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace as a hauler. It’s a good, efficient use of your time to pivot one business into another in order to create even more money.

Working as a mover/hauler/reseller could be a wonderful move if you don’t mind physical labor and putting a lot of miles on your truck.

Virtual Assistants

On the other hand, there is work you can perform from your laptop without ever leaving your dorm room (until class time). Working as a virtual assistant might entail a variety of tasks, but it is essentially assistant employment that you perform remotely.

You can customize your job function to your unique skills and add as many various types of employment as you desire. Blogging is one form of opportunity. Virtual assistants can also help you manage your social media profiles.

As a virtual assistant, you can determine your own hours. Plus, whether you’re more creative or prefer monotonous jobs like tagging or other sorts of data input, you may focus on your talents.

Check out related Facebook groups and consider opening a Fiverr account to begin starting as a virtual assistant.

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How To Make Money While You're Still In College

Use Your Phone to Earn Money

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first. There are a plethora of applications that pay you to expose yourself to their items or participate in their marketing process.

This type of money-making strategy isn’t intended to be a long-term source of revenue, but if you don’t mind watching advertising and filling out surveys, you can put some money in your pocket.

This category includes secret shoppers and surveys sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Although survey sites require a lot more of your time (if you want to make any significant amount of money), some options allow you to leverage your existing lifestyle.

Achievement, for example, is great for fitness enthusiasts and students looking for more motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It’s more like an investment than a job in that it will take a while before you earn enough to cash out. However, you can use your daily experience at the campus gym to regularly accumulate points.

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If shopping is how you spend your leisure time, you may also get money as a mystery shopper. However, while this may appear to be an ideal job for shopaholics, it might quickly turn into a financial nightmare. It’s easy to get caught up in the items and forget that the goal is to make money.

Online shopping and survey taking are two of the most common mystery shopping options. Many of them would promise that simply watching videos can earn you money. While technically correct, stay away from any money-making offer that promises money for doing nothing.

Get a job as a rideshare driver

One way to generate money in college is to become an Uber or Lyft (or both!) driver. It operates entirely around your schedule, and you can make significant money essentially driving about campus as the designated driver.

You choose which rides to react to, so if you live in a high-need area, such as college towns, you can choose from nearly any number of chances. There is no obligation to be available at inconvenient hours, and you have complete control over your schedule.

Uber has established itself as a household name. Everyone knows that if you don’t have a car and need to get somewhere, you should contact an Uber. Earning money as a driver is simple with this level of recognition and built-in customer base.

Make Money While You're Still In College

Work as a delivery driver to supplement your income

As a delivery driver, you can also earn money. There’s still hope if you don’t want to let random strangers into your automobile. You can use your wheels to deliver a variety of items to people’s doorsteps.

In most cases, there is no necessity to engage with someone in person. You simply deliver your package and notify the customer via their smartphone that it has arrived.

Getting paid to deliver anything from groceries to hot meals could be your first step toward figuring out how to make money in college. Even if you don’t like it, it’s a good place to start and won’t waste your time.

Work as a Tutor

Tutoring is a fantastic side gig for a college student. Use what you’ve learned so far to teach younger students and assist them in improving their grades. This is a fantastic method for students who are passionate about academia to put their knowledge to work while continuing to learn more.

It also doesn’t have to be limited to math or science. You may teach foreign languages, history, and even music to your students.

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Although you will need to fill your calendar to make this gig work, you will be able to choose your own availability dates and times. With your hectic schedule, this is a tremendous win!

Plus, depending on your intended professional field, this role will appear great on your resume.

Make money , Be a Sitter

Sitting is a similar job that does not require as much teaching or training. Is it true that watching youngsters isn’t one of your favorite pastimes? There is no need to be concerned. You can do everything from watching someone’s house to caring for their plants or pets when you sit for them. It’s entirely up to you.

People want for experienced, trusted workers with great customer ratings, thus becoming a sitter might be difficult to get into. You can get started as a sitter quickly and easily without relying on a search database if you have a large enough social network and know families who will trust you.

The Bottom Line on Making Money in College

Making a little extra cash while in college is easy and can benefit you in a variety of ways. The extra money can help you pay for living expenses and possibly get a jump start on paying down your student loans. It also gives you life experience, which you can use on your CV in the future. You’ll be able to start making money in no time with a little effort!